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The Surprising Benefits of Writing Kids’ Books

Let’s face it. Self-help and parenting books are a dime a dozen. But what if the authors of those books did something unique and took their message to a younger audience? Publishing kids’ books can be an effective way to share your wisdom with the world – and it can also help you get new clients. Here’s why every self-help and parenting book author should publish a kids’ book.


 of writing a kid’s book!

Surprising benefits? These are the benefits that you encounter without any expectations at all. Let me share a few of these with you:

1. You’ll have an instant connection with parents, teachers, and kids!

After your presentation, someone will almost always approach you and ask, “So how did you start as an author?” or “Why did you become an author? They sheepishly broach the topic of writing because they are looking for some advice and encouragement to write a book themselves. It is really fun to return to a school a year later and see that they actually wrote a story! Writing can be such a powerful tool to not only express oneself, but also to connect with others. When we write our stories, we are instantaneously connected with anyone who reads them. And that is truly a magical thing. #makingwriters

2. You become better at thinking on your feet.

Aside from experience, there is no single way to prepare you for the numerous questions those little brains will concoct. For instance, “Will you ever add a unicorn in your books? How about a Zombie?” “Why didn’t you make sure all your characters had a special toy?” “Why isn’t your next book out yet?”  The list goes on… and it TRULY gets your brain going. Some of the best story ideas come from the questions the kids ask!

3. You develop “Kid-tainer talents.”

The audience of 60 wide-eyed first graders isn’t your “sit still and listen” type. They are excited, antsy, squirmy, hungry, distracted and curious all at once… and need YOU to ENTERTAIN them. At first you may try the basic presentation format of just speaking, but eventually the Kid-tainer Talents kick in. No longer are you standing still, you are waving your arms in windmill circles, bobbing your head with excitement, enunciating your words with your face, and jumping up and down when the story gets REALLY great… and the kids LOVE you for your efforts. You have achieved a new kind of “funny”—and won’t strike out. By the way, the only true way to achieve “Kid-Tainer” status is through complete immersion.

4. You will expand your reach to new markets.

When you start working with teachers, parents, librarians, and local events like holiday celebrations, you open up a whole new world of potential opportunities. These connections can lead to class visits, school visits, book sales, classroom book sets, summer reading programs, and even collaborations with community businesses. With such an extensive network of support for your work, you’ll be able to expand your reach and connect with new markets that would have been inaccessible otherwise. Speaking of new opportunities…

5. You might be an expert after all!

Maybe you’re considered an expert already? If so, that is amazing! However, most authors feel “un-expert-like” so the first thing they need to overcome is imposter syndrome. Once you actually get that book out though, it’s as if the imposter syndrome quietly fades away. Eventually, you realize that the blood, sweat, and tears shed creating your book were yours and yours alone. That means you ARE an expert of your own book—its creation experience, contents, design, and message—are only yours! YOU ARE an expert in every right! This also means maybe…

6. You find yourself interviewed on an amazing podcast.

You just laughed, didn’t you? Do you think there is no way that you would be asked to be interviewed? Think again! Podcasters love to interview experts—especially authors! You have the gift of language, an “in” with your audience, a story of overcoming, and new knowledge that people cannot get enough of! Oh! And being on podcasts gives you even more visibility as an expert… so be ready because: 

7. Your name will be “star-struck” whispered.

Yes. When you appear in public, there will eventually emerge a small (about 3’5” to 5”) eagle-eyed brightly dressed paparazzi group who will gasp when they recognize you. They might call out in a loud whisper, “Oh-my-gosh! It’s So-and-so, the author who read to my class!” They may even giggle and wave or dash up for a hug-and-run. If you aren’t frequently experiencing fame, it’s a really amazing and gratifying feeling. And just when you think you have hit your plateau and you can rest on your one-hit-kids’ book wonder…

8. You’re re-inspired and re-energize to write again!

Really, really, honest! There may have been a slight pause in your creativity, but after the experiences of inspiring, getting faster on your feet, Kid-taining, connections, expert status and podcasts, and the faint whisper of your name… well how can you NOT be excited to do more. Here’s another surprising benefit: your next book comes easier. Not only that, you have more confidence, speed, and success with each book.

If you’re an author of a self-help or parenting book, consider publishing a kids’ book. It can be a great way to reach new markets and connect with parents, teachers, and kids in a more personal way. Not sure where to start? Book a call with us and we can help get you started on the right track!

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