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Expand Your Impact with These 5 Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice if your business or service could be recognized and known without any hassle or hustle on your part? A little pinch of fairy dust on your business card, and PRESTO: a client stampede. But, even if instantaneous popularity and success could happen, you would still need an action plan that intentionally creates impact—because without a sense of growing impact-- your motivation and focus could blur and feel as productive as a chipper squirrel-chasing chihuahua. Whew! Well, you get the picture. So how does a busy professional expand impact without feeling overwhelmed or distracted? That professional returns to the basics first:

1. Be (re)motivated by your bigger purpose.

You started your professional career with a goal in your mind and a sense of hopeful excitement in your heart. It is likely that you were seeking a purposeful career helping and impacting other people. You wanted to grasp opportunities where your message, ideas, and passion could truly make a positive mind-shift change in someone else’s life. This is the motivation to return to the “Why” of your career. It is the same passion that will connect you to your clients… and it is the nearly audible heartbeat that will draw those future clients to you.  And when times get tough-- that sense of purpose will also bring you back to what matters most on the rocky road to success. You can have more impact when you KNOW where you want your focus.

2. Be clear and without assumptions.

Understanding your motivation is only half the battle. The other half? Knowing what your future clients WANT and NEED. What is one of the single-most tragic derailers on the success train? Assuming you know exactly what the clients want and need… without ever asking. You can be focused on asking questions to open and direct client conversations to reveal future clients’ true struggle. How can clients feel impacted without an understanding of what is creating the situation, problem, or emotions that they want your business or services to fix? Asking questions leads to direction for you and your client and simply, no fix means no impact.

3. Share your personal growth experience with clients.

Have you ever been truly impacted and motivated by someone who seemed… umm, perfect? Maybe. But, would you more readily trust someone who humbly admits to faults, mistakes, and personal growth? Definitely. Imperfect people feel more down-to-earth, trustworthy, and real. So, even as a professional why not share personal growth with your currents and future clients? That personal growth can be simple… your adjustments to a new exercise or nutrition habit, an intentional focus on stress reduction, or even insights from a new book you’re reading. The point is that you and your business are growing just like your potential client wants to. They will see your struggles and overcoming as a part of a successful process… just like their process will be with you. So besides direct contact, how do you create a bigger impact and display personal growth? Well, next you…

4. Find ways to use the trends and spread your message.

Where do your future clients start their search for answers to their struggles? Social Media. Clients search through Facebook posts, Facebook groups, and Facebook ads looking for recommendations, experiences, and even support. Your potential clients also may use other social media forms like Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter, Youtube, or Clubhouse to find quick answers or direction. If you want to make an impact… this would be an area you could start! Imagine the potential for misguided information your clients may be receiving! Imagine how social media posts of your message, purpose, and personal growth could redirect those future clients out of the wilderness of scams, claims, and false hope back to you! But, wait! Not all your future clients are on social media? Then…

5. Write a book!

What better way to package your heart’s purpose than with a beautifully written book? Your book can house the tools to make a positive impact for your readers: your mission, insight, personal growth examples, others misguided information, and a roadmap to follow right back to you! Writing a book also proves that you care so much about your future clients that you’re willing to take the time to write for them. Your own expertise, compassion, and relatability can be visible page after page. What’s more, your book can be shared on social media, through Ebooks, and shared by readers as you receive positive reviews and attract even more clients. Your book is truly creating an impact on people’s lives – and confirming your expertise. Oh! And, should you want to make a bigger impact… Why not write a book that impacts kids, too! Then you are impacting entire families and not just individuals!

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to reach new clients and grow your business. But in today's competitive marketplace, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, how can you ensure that your clients will remember you and continue to do business with you? The answer is simple: meet them where they are. Hear their struggle. Model your personal growth journey and find ways-- like on social media and writing a book—to speak to clients where they are. In the end, the impact you will have will be genuine and heart—felt and long-lasting. Best of all? It will bring you the clients you want and need.

What methods have you found most effective for reaching new clients? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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