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5 Ways Leadership Coaches Can Use Kids’ Books with Their Clients

Over the last few years, kids’ books have soared in popularity and number.  So why would a leadership coach want to write a kids’ book? Having a kids’ book is a method of using their expertise in a relatable and comfortable way. Leadership coaches can use kids’ books as a tool to help their client families in a number of ways. Here are five ways that leadership coaches can use kids’ books to benefit their clients:


  • Teaching leadership skills:
    Children's books often feature characters who exhibit strong leadership qualities including problem-solving, communication, and decision-making skills. By discussing these characteristics with their client families and reading the kids’ book together, leadership coaches can help parents and children learn and practice important leadership skills.


  • Promoting family values:
    Kids’ books can also be used to discuss and reinforce important family values including kindness, empathy, and respect. Leadership coaches can use kids’ books to help families establish and communicate their values, encourage kids to apply the values, and transfer the use of the values in their everyday life.


  • Encouraging family communication:
    Reading kids’ books together can also be a great way for families to bond and communicate with one another. Leadership coaches can lead discussions about the book, the characters, and any related issues that may be relevant to their clients.


  • Providing insight into kids’ development:
    Kids’ books can be a useful tool for leadership coaches to help parents understand and support their children's development. By discussing the characters and their experiences in the context of child development, coaches can provide parents with valuable insight and guidance right away.


  • Offering a fun and engaging activity:
    Finally, using kids’ books as part of a leadership coaching session can be a fun and engaging activity for both parents and children. The kids’ book can help to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere and make it much easier for families to open up and participate in the coaching process.


Overall, leadership coaches who have their own kids’ books can utilize a valuable tool with their client families. They can use their kids’ books as a tool to teach leadership skills, promote family values, encourage communication, provide insight into child development, and offer a fun and engaging activity, coaches can help families to grow and thrive.


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